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Davide Fiore is an award-winning Italian editor based in Los Angeles, California.

He started as TV Series Editor for Mediaset S.p.A. in Milan ,

then as editor for Ferrari F1 around the world.
He has directed music videos for Sony, Time Srl, EGOItaly and

international artists such as Elen Levon, Cristian Marchi and Nari & Milani.

He has edited for Amazon, Netflix, Apple TV+, VICE Media

L’Oreal, FCA, Guerlain, Ferrero, Martini, Whirlpool, Petronas, Swatch, BMW.

He edited short movies as "L'Amore Corto",, "Madge & Marsi", "Paramnesia",

"Fauna" and  the multi-awarded "House+Home" .

Davide edited the British TV Show “The IT Factor” for London Live

directed by Anna Carlucci.
He edited “Bad Art”, feature film set in San Francisco, California,

about the art world directed by Zio Ziegler and Tania Raymonde.
He worked on the documentary “Unzipped: an autopsy of American inequality” 

about gentrification and disparities in the United States,

directed by Colin K. Gray.


Davide directed the short documentary "Just Us"

about the story of Nari & Milani, worldwide known DJs.

He’s working on “A Little Fellow”, feature documentary

about the founder of Bank of America, A.P. Giannini.

Davide has been published many photos on Vogue Italia.

He created "I've Already Seen It Somewhere,”

a photo exhibition about New York’s movies locations

hosted in Torino (Italy), Rome (Italy) and Miami (USA).

Davide serves as a Jury of Miami Independent Film Festival

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