Every year in New York are shot over 115 movies and every day is possible to find about 5 sets simultaneously in the Big Apple. Annually the film industry pays, to the city of New York, about 400 billion dollars in taxes.

Once landed in NY, this immediately caught my eye. It was like I've know that city since ever. I felt like in a movie's set. 

For three months, along with my job, I've been visiting all the five districts to discover the most hidden sites of the City to photograph and capture the most suggestive locations represented in the movies.

New York is a "big cinematographic set" and what better occasion to capture the essence of the places in order to compare them  with what they've become today?

From all of this I have created 25 pictures that represent cinematographic sets from the tourist's point of view retracted with the original movie's camera.

Thus, we see bridges, buildings and crossroads, ordinary to all the New York's citizens but that became part of the cinema history as more less famous frames.

There are frames from classic movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Goodfellas, The Godfather, but also the most recent blockbusters as Devil wears Prada and Vanilla Sky.


Certamente, forse Serendipity Hitch Serendipity TheDevilWearsPrada TheDevilWearsPrada TheDevilWearsPrada WallStreet VanillaSky VanillaSky BlackSwan BlackSwan Manhattan 9weeksandhalf 9weeksandhalf WallStreet86 SaturdayNightFever SaturdayNightFever Goodfellas Tiffany Godfather OnceUponATime OnceUponATime OnceUponATime OnceUponATime


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